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17.  Birds Photographed Locally

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                             Photo (right) of Scissor-tailed Flycatcher by Shannon Hobson


16.  eBIRD & Cornell

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Places Sightings Rarities Checklists
 Escambia  Escambia  Escambia  Escambia
 Santa Rosa  Santa Rosa  Santa Rosa  Santa Rosa
 Okaloosa  Okaloosa  Okaloosa  Okaloosa
 Walton Co.  Walton Co.  Walton Co.  Walton
 Holmes  Holmes  Holmes  Holmes
 Washington   Washington  Washington   Washington
 Bay County   Bay County   Bay County   Bay


  (eBird) Contribute your day list  (login)
  (eBird) Bar Graphs for 7 Panhandle counties

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  (eBird) Explore Status and Trends
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               Bird Migration Forecasts in Real-Time
  (eBird) My Yard Lists  (500+ in FL)
  (eBird) Florida Rare Bird Alert
               others below...


15.  Our Local Bird List

                             Check-List Okaloosa and Walton Counties (pub. 2017)


14.  For Beginners & Children

Thank you Hailey, Trevor, Jennifer, Mikayla, Jamie, Jordan, and Hallie
   Beginning Birders’ Guide
  A Guide to Bird-Watching With Binoculars
   Some Tips To Help You Get Started Birding
   All About Birds
   Bird Pictures and Facts (featuring the Photo Arc)


13.  Panhandle Birding Hotspots

                             Leading locations based on eBird


12.  Christmas Count Results

                             Dec 2021 results (124 species) to appear here soon
                             Our 18 Dec 2017 table of CBC sightings (2018 results are pending review)


11.  Rare Bird Alerts

The first link lists all others:
  ABA's Birding News
               aggregates and includes these FL listserves:
  (eBird) Florida Rare Bird Alert


10.  eBird mashups

Rare Bird maps based on eBird:
  BirdSearch (Sightings in past 30 days)
               Options for Places & Rarities (Notables);
               Try link "More search options"
  Flickr eBird Rarities Photos
                Tip: click "map" for nearby rarities
  Map Index of Flickr Rarities
                Tip: click right arrow on horizontal picture bar


9.  ABA

  Birding News by state & region
  Birding Magazine
  The journal North American Birds
  Birding Festivals
  ABA Listing Central


8.  audiovisual

Internet Media Sites:
  Archives of Rare Bird Alerts
               served up by Birding on the Net
  AVIBASE names & check-lists
               the world bird database
               Sharing bird sounds from around the world
  Internet Bird Collection
               video, photos, and sounds from the producers
               of the Handbook of the Birds of the World
  Macaulay Library
               video, photos, and sounds from the producers
               of the The Birds of North America Online


7.  FOS

  Official Florida State Bird List
  Florida Bird List PDF
  Rare Bird Report Form
               for documenting Florida Review List Species
  Florida Field Naturalist
               different than Audubon's Florida Naturalist
  Florida Breeding Bird maps 1986-91


6.  identification

Internet Bird ID Guides:
  Audubon's Online Guide to N.A. Birds
  Cornell's All About Birds
  Mitch Waite's WhatBird & iBird Pro
  Flickr photos FL Birding Trail
  Wings over FL Sets


5.  Florida Birding Trail

and other Florida birding resources:
  Great Florida Birding Trail
  Tropical Audubon (southern Florida, etc.)


4.  more ornithology

Bird Science Resources:
  Florida Breeding Bird Atlas 1986-91
  Index FL Breeding Bird Atlas 1986-91
               Searchable Ornithological Research Archive
  International Migratory Bird Day
  BirdLife International
  Gulf Coast Bird Observatory (GCBO)
  GCBO in FL?, AL, MS, LA, TX, Mexico
  American Ornithological Society
  Wilson Ornithological Society


3.  more animals and plants

Bird Science Resources:
  Center for Biological Diversity
  The Florida Master Naturalist Program


2.  conservation & education

Join some fine organizations
  Audubon Florida
  Aud FL Naturalist Magazine
  Florida Audubon chapters
  National Audubon Society
  American Bird Conservancy
  The Nature Conservancy
  Buy a Duck Stamp for Wetlands
  Sierra Club
  The Wilderness Society
  World Wildlife Fund
  National Parks Conservation Association
  Natural Resources Defense Council
  Rainforest Action Network
  Environmental Defense Fund
  National Wildlife Federation
  Defenders of Wildlife
  Environment America
  League of Conservation Voters
  Climate Reality Project
  Global Biodiversity Information Facility
               consolidates eBird, iNaturalist, and research data
  Avian Knowledge Network
  Shorebird Resighting Information
    PDF file (thanks Bay Co. Audubon)


1.  great organizations

  Florida Wildlife by Marianne Cowley (NSIS)
  Nonie's Ark Animal Encounters
  Kritter, Inc.
  Operation Migration
  Florida Museum of Natural History
    the Ornithology (Birds) Collection
    Search the Bird Skin & Skeleton Database
    Ornithology Collections and Research
    Florida Bird Sounds
  Partners in Flight
               species assessments and population estimates
  BirdLife International
    BIRDNET'S Ornithological Council:
  The American Ornithologists' Union
  Association of Field Ornithologists
  Caribbean Birds
  CIPAMEX (las Aves en México)
  Cooper Ornithological Society
  Neotropical Ornithological Society
  North American Crane Working Group
  Pacific Seabird Group
  Raptor Research Foundation
  Society of Canadian Ornithologists
  The Waterbird Society
  The Wilson Ornithological Society
  Birding Pal
               Go Birding With A Pal From Around The World
  Birding Hotspots Around the World
  Fatbirder - linking birders worldwide...

  • Launched for Lunch (alt text)
  • Map of Audubon Chapters (alt text)

  • juvenile Common Gallinules
    Wright Landfill 1 Dec 2014 Murray Cragin

  • two White-faced Ibis (rare in Florida)
    Okaloosa Holding Ponds 21 Sep 2014 Murray Cragin

  • imm Glossy Ibis (left) and White-faced Ibis (rare in FL)
    Okaloosa Holding Ponds 18 Oct 2014 Murray Cragin

  • Peregrine Falcon at the Okaloosa Holding Ponds
    Okaloosa Holding Ponds 16 Dec 2014 Murray Cragin

  • Battle of the Species
    25 Sep 2014 Murray Cragin

  • Short-billed Dowitchers
    Okaloosa Holding Ponds 2 Sep 2014 Murray Cragin

  • Red-bellied Woodpecker
    16 Dec 2014 Walt Spence

  • Alder Flycatcher, rare in Florida
    Vagrant Trail (near Wright landfill)
    20 Sep 2014 Walt Spence

  • Red-shouldered Hawk pair
    21 September 2010, Niceville, photo by Walt Spence

  • turtle pals: Black-bellied Whistling-Duck and imm. White Ibis
    23 Sept 2014, Okaloosa Holding Ponds
    Malcolm Mark Swan

  • Black-billed Cuckoo
    3 May 2014, Okaloosa Holding Ponds

  • Chuck-will's-widow (Whip-poor-will relative)
    6 April 2014, Veterans Park on Okaloosa Island

  • Cinnamon Teal (very rare in Eastern U.S.)
    14 October 2014, Okaloosa Holding Ponds

  • Eastern Kingbird, adult with very worn plumage
    10 August 2014, Okaloosa Holding Ponds

  • Great Egret
    10 October 2014, Veterans Park on Okaloosa Island

  • Green Heron, adult
    16 August 2013, Okaloosa Holding Ponds

  • 4 Least Sandpipers and 1 1/2 Pectoral Sandpiper
    16 August 2013, Okaloosa Holding Ponds

  • immature Little Blue Heron (left) compared to Snowy Egret
    16 August 2013, Okaloosa Holding Ponds

  • Philadelphia Vireo, rare in Florida panhandle
    18 October 2014, Jesse Rogers Memorial Cemetery, Mary Esther

  • Reddish Egret, immature
    Liza Jackson Park, Fort Walton Beach
    20 October 2014 MMS

  • Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, immature
    Okaloosa Holding Ponds
    19 October 2014 MMS

  • See our Photos page for more.